Manufactured Components and
Assemblies for the Nuclear Industry

CANDU® Fuel Channel Components

  • End Fittings & Liners
  • Shield Plugs
  • Channel Closures
  • Closure Plugs
  • Reactivity Shutoff & Adjuster Drive Mechanisms
  • Fuel Handling Components
  • Fuelling Machine Components

CANDU® Feeder Components

  • Hubs, Flanges, Seal Rings, Inconel Cap Screws
  • Inconel Pressure Breakdown Orifices
  • Inconel Flow Elements
  • 2-Piece Welded Tap Adapters

Machining Services

  • Simultaneous 5-Axis Milling
  • Deep Hole Boring (up to 138”)
  • Turning (lengths up to 126”)
  • Robotic loading for large production runs
  • Scanning CMM dimensional Inspection

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