Complex CNC Machining and Assembly

Today’s innovative technologies and dramatic advances in both machinery and materials provide exciting new opportunities for accuracy and consistency previously not possible. Laker Energy Products specializes in the manufacture of complex components under extremely tight quality parameters. Dimensional tolerances to 4 decimals are the norm at Laker and repeatable compliance to this level of accuracy requires experienced machinists, specialized raw materials and the highest caliber of CNC equipment. To meet demand, we have the capability to run dark, with robotically loaded CNC machines manufacturing parts to exacting quality standards 24/7.

To maintain our lead position with our customers, we invest heavily in skilled personnel and state-of-the-art equipment. Along with our innovative engineering team, our dedicated machinists and millwrights enjoy taking on any challenge and are proficient at complex machining of many grades of Inconel, stainless steel and super alloys. With numerous single- and twin-spindle lathes, live tooling, four- and five-axis milling, and the most advanced simultaneous multi-axis CAM software available on the market, Laker hits the tolerance band every time.